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Happy 1st Birthday To Us!

To mark Ginger Line Designs 1st birthday at the weekend I thought I'd dust off my cake tins and wooden spoon and embark on making a little, or rather large as it turned out, cake !!

I've seen many Rainbow cakes on Pinterest and thought how wicked it would be to make one with shades of's the recipe and how it turned out!

Make your ordinary Victoria sponge mix by mixing 400gms butter and 400gms sugar together, sift in 400gms of self-raising flour and beat in 5-6 eggs.

Now here's the fun bit...divide the mixture into 4 bowls and get happy with the food colouring! I started off with two caps of orange food colouring into bowl 1, then added more and more into bowls 2 & 3, and finally orange and pink into bowl number 4!

I added quite a lot of food colouring into the mixture which in fact tastes a bit yuk, so to make it scrummy and cakey I added the zest and juice of a fresh orange to compliment the nice shades of orange! and a little more flour so the mixture wasn't so runny.

Here's a good tip- I should of added in more flour and maybe some raising agent into bowls 3 & 4 as the amount of food colouring meant these two layers once cooked, went a bit flat.

Bake each of the cakes for around 30mins until nice and golden brown. Leave to cool then layer up light to dark or dark to light if you prefer, to get a nice gradient effect. Use vanilla icing between each layer and cover the whole cake in icing then decorate on top!

It was a success I think, as it seemed to disappear pretty quickly!


Michelle x

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