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Let's Make A Repeat Pattern

✏️ Everyone can doodle right? ✏️

...For let me show you how to change your day dreaming doodles into a funky repeating pattern!

You will need, a brew (optional), paper, pencil, rubber (if you go wrong), pens, Sellotape, scissors and a scalpel

⭐️ Step 1 - Doodle! Fill up the middle part of your page with lots of fun drawings or motifs.

⭐️ Step 2 - Carefully cut the paper through the middle and two sides, creating 4 quarters. Avoid cutting through any of your drawn motifs - just cut around them.

⭐️ Step 3 - Turn the 4 pieces of paper over, swapping the sides so your drawings are now back to back ⬅️➡️

A nice blank area should be in the middle.

Stick the picture together with Sellotape.

⭐️ Step 4 - Flip the paper over and fill in the empty space with more wonderful drawings!

Complete drawing

⭐️ Step 5 - When your finished and the paper is full, carefully use the scalpel to slice the Sellotape so the paper is back into its original 4 quarters.

⭐️Step 6 - reassemble the paper to its original layout and stick the page back together.

👏🏻 That's it....Simple! 👏🏻

Your pattern should now repeat

You can trace over the repeat pattern again in blackout pen if you want to create a screen print transparency.

We have used our doodle to create a funky pattern for gift boxes, which now come free with each purchase. Check out our Etsy and NOTHS for gift ideas.

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