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Mental May & Jovial June

We had a crazy May at the Ginger Line Designs head quarters, kicking off with Artists Open House exhibition which ran for two consecutive weekends...bringing out all of South East London’s finest.

Similar to an Easter egg hunt, the aim of the walking tour is to plan your route using the AOH brochure to help plot your path. The prizes being all the amazingly talented artists and designer-makers you encounter along the way and their wonderful and unique wares on offer to buy!

Along side Ginger Line Designs, Studio M and Emma Jay showcased new and exciting art works. We packed out what was Emma's dining room and turned it into what could be only be described as a fully-fledged art gallery & shop, our wares filling every nook and cranny!

Together we had a blast, met fabulous people along with neighbours from around the Dulwich area. The support from AOH, which is now in its 12th year was immense. From the organisation to the general public, we cannot thank you enough for your support and we cannot wait for next year’s event.

Buy the time we'd put Emma's dining room back to its former resemblance we had to dash up’north for our very first Ginger Line Designs photo shoot. With the car jam-packed we drove up to the familiar territory of Lime Creative Studios. I've been so excited about doing this shoot and had lots of ideas on how to shoot my work buzzing around my head for a while now, so I loved every minute. Playing stylist for the day was great fun, selecting props to sit with my screen prints, cushions and stationery…and WOW what a difference professional lighting and cameras make!

So since the shoot we've been busy putting all the fabulous product shots onto a shiny new Ginger Line Designs website.

Please check it out…We'd love to hear your comments on the new site and your thoughts on our new product shots! Hopefully you love these as much as we do and find the site super user friendly.

Check out our events page to see where our wares will be exhibiting err, Camberwell Arts Fair this Saturday, if your asking?!!

Plus sign up to our mailing list to receive special offers and keep up to date with all things Ginger Line Designs !

Lots of love x

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